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5 Top Tips for Research Papers

Research Paper Tips

How to Create Proper Structure of the Research Paper with Our Help

When it comes to writing the best research paper, it is important that you understand its main components in order for you to cover all vital bases. A research paper is more than just a well delivered research but this should be able to showcase your proficiency and expertise. It is crucial that you also comply with top standards from correct structure of the research paper to its format, layout, style, etc. The best tips would be to know ahead any existing guidelines; this way, you will be able to adhere with proper writing instructions.

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5 Expert Writing Tips for Research Papers that Guarantees A+ Grade

5 Top Tips for Research PapersDo not hasten the process of writing your research paper but instead start early in order for you to still have enough time to create a well-delivered study. Gather as many data as possible; this will enable you to establish effectively the best arguments in your research paper. One of the best tips for research papers is to choose the appropriate topic for you; select topics that you are passionate about as for the entire writing process to be enjoyable. If you are having a hard time, you can always seek help from professional writers online.

Choose a topic. Research work always starts with selecting the right topic and selecting the one is not always an easy task. If you are stuck with the idea you can think about the problems and unresolved issues in your industry that still have the room for improvement, what topics could they be attributed for? Identify the sphere the topic belongs to and compose the question that will signify the essence of your topic, usually include ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions. The good practice is asking your academic supervisor before selecting and approving the subject. Your professor might know for sure what topic has the great pool of information for discovery, what is the most popular and relevant from the point of view of the current situation. If you have selected the topic of your research paper independently be sure that you have enough interest for the problem discovery, a scientific paper is an enormous investment of time. If you still unsure what research topic would be great for you look up for our most popular free topics and research paper articles.

Cite like a PRO. The information for the research paper could be taken from various sources, it is not limited by books and websites. It is important to know that the sources should be credible and provide the data or the information referring to the certain official sources as well, it is possible to find journals, textbooks, documents and periodical information that is able to provide it. You can either cite the words of the industry experts, videos and government documents that will add the credibility to your paper.

The common citation tips students stumble upon:

  • Citing the material from already paraphrased paper
  • Including an honorific or initials of the authors’ first and middle name
  • Failing to include works cited or reference list with a paper that has an annotated bibliography.
  • Failure to cite references with conflicting perspectives
  • Grammar, punctuation and diction errors, such as using apostrophes to pluralize nouns
  • Wrong citing style of material (the common ones are APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, Harvard).

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APA  is an abbreviation that stands for American Psychological Association – is commonly used for formatting of the academic documents like journals, books, and articles.

MLA stands for Modern Language Association, this format is generally used for writing the papers for the liberal arts and human studies.

Harvard is a formatting that is often used by university students for citing the information.

Oxford is used for citing the research works on certain history and philosophy departments and law.

Chicago style guide for American English was firstly published in 1906 by the University of Chicago Press and nowadays is mostly used for publishing purposes.

Make the outline. The outline will help you to understand what information will be suitable for the certain blocks and what will not. You can use the outline for the typical research paper we provide in our posts as well or create your own based on the structure. Just as you created the main points of the blocks and the primary structure think of the subtopics that can support the general idea of each structural point.

Create the draft. It will be much easier for you to handle the research paper in case you created the mind map or the outline in the very beginning. Just as you made it you can get down to writing your first draft. Assemble and sort out all the materials that you accumulated for the task and get rid of the information that is not credible or doesn’t bear a great importance for the new knowledge generation. You may also sort the information to different folders that will help you to stay more organized. Highlight in different colors the information that you plan to cite and which you plan to paraphrase. Break down big ideas into concrete, measurable parts and then focus on a small, manageable pieces.

Improve. After you made your first draft you need to make sure everything looks decent. Ask for the feedback from your teacher, professor, mentor or whoever you believe and trust. The fresh look will always reveal the most problematic points.

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